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Or sleeping? But my mind is flooded. With personal information, emotions are going crazy, everything back in barrie is changing, and school… school is NUTS, you see how momentum kicks us in the ass and takes us through the year at an ever accelerating rate. It. Seriously. Does. Not. End. Oh, the responsibilities of growing up.

So.. 1:30am im..blogging?, when I should really be studying for my Human Development midterm tomorrow ( I know. ALREADY, right?!), I somehow lately find myself really missing high school. How lame is that? My favourite thing about Peterborough basic cable, is that we get Achannel here. None of my roomates are as excited as i am about having their hometown news station available to them 3 hours away. 
INNISDALE WAS ON THE NEWS! a couple days ago. and i actually teared! I miss.. slacking! i miss my best friend, and skipping classes to chill at minnagens, or hanging out with rodg in the library. I miss owning an orange and blue wardrobe, (fleming colours are green and gold.. puke)
College is a blast, but id trade places with any invader to get one more day in that place. never thought id say that.

Happy Midterms/Spring break all 🙂 cant wait to see your smiling faces!


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  1. duuuuuude hang outs when you finally get back okay?

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