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this blog is slightly similar to my partner in crime, my bestie and a student with me at fleming college. see links in the side and click “Gillian” 🙂

so im home. and as of today i have been home for a week! Tiegaan, my roomate was up from last Thursday – Monday and i enjoyed spending time with her in Barrie and Hillsdale showing her just how lame my life is.
How much am i loving home right now?
Tuesday and Wednesday went by in a blurr, but this morning.. I woke up, pretty late..had a bowl of cereal in bed, did some painting, and then lounged around in my basement and watched tv. Ive gone for a run 3 nights in a row since being home, and even had a really cool experience tonight 🙂 ( ask me?)

My favourite thing to do, I did last night. My best friend and I walked down to our faaavourite fast food restraunt and epic indulged. then, off to dollarama and zehrs. how lame does that sound eh? we used to do that weekly.

(Gbones, you serious about running? if you find a route; want a running partner?!)

Ive come to discover a strange love for my life in peterborough, but not peterborough itself. I feel at home and inlove in 2 places. The exact middle of nowhere (Hillsdale, for example) or a big bustly busy city (ottawa, toronto). Peterborough is an unhappy medium, as is Barrie. I love to wake up in Hillsdale and look out to the forest, and I love to wake up in Ottawa at my sisters place and see classy people running on cellphones and sipping starbucks (at any time of day)

But, I still congratulate myself. Ive come a long way from where I was this time last semester. I am head over heels in love…….

with my program choice ( gotcha! ahahahaha) and can only dream of 3 semesters down the road when I will be an actual Social Service Worker.

Okie dokie future, bring it on 🙂


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  1. i am serious about running. i used to run in the summer all the timee! it was loveee! (: it was my time to escape from reality. i could run as fast as i can and pretend i was running to my secret place. and running in the morning is especially great! the sun coming up, its not too hot yet, you dont need an ipod all the time cause you can just listen to the sounds around you and see all the nature and sceneary and everthing its so beautiful and relaxing. and then i end by going to the lake and looking at the water. how far it was to the other side and seeing the sunn sparkle off the water..
    ohh i love runs in the morningg!

    run in ptbo we’ll fnd a route together and run when a bit more snow melts?

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