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I’m sorry for a lot of things. But most of all that I never got the chance to tell you that, no matter what happens between the both of us, I’ll never be anything but grateful for every moment I spent with you. I cant count how many times i told you i loved you, but now i dont even know what love means.
So as i fumble for the right words, i know that i love you isnt it. Thank you, is.
It’s possible my heart will always ache for you.  It’s possible that when you find the one you love, I will sit in my room all day and cry, and it’s possible that you will be able to say yes, to the question I’ve been waiting for you to answer since November. I told you i wasnt going to sit around and wait, but im going too. I dont even want to, but my heart isn’t ready to drop you.

thank you.

I have changed so much, but i wish you knew how much you changed me. i wonder if i changed you,and that  if your life is different because of me, because mine is. you taught me so much, and once a day there is something in my life that reminds me of you. You made me stronger, you made my heart stronger.


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  1. it`s good this blog ! i like it !

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