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i think im different. I feel significantly air-headish around people, and feel the need to have materialistic objects. has this always been me? I hope not.

Tonight, i was having a gross piggish homework night and i bought ketchup chips and rootbeer. my favourite public school snack. oh boy. it was tasty. whats your old snack that your mama’s used to pack you for a treat? i always got rootbeet and ketchup chips on fridays.

my certain someone story is a tragic one this week. hes going back to bible college in september. the same one i was accepted too. the same one i held my offer on till next september. ugh. i have one more week to kinda talk to him, make convo and be friends. i want this to work out so bad.

aaand to finish off. my best friend celebrated her birthday on sunday. happy 18th trace, i love you so much!! 🙂 it was unreallll gooood to hear your voice today. april 24th 2010, EEPP! ahahaha.

n568615012_498872_2416n1642800099_116480_149938love you bestie 🙂



  1. Just passing by. Btw, your blogg have great content!
    YOU’RE A BLOGGER!!! I love it.
    Greetings from Sweden.

  2. haha loving the photo’s! love you<3

  3. vesna, thank you! i checked out your blog, but im not very good at swedish.

    trace, ily. 🙂 ❤

  4. Hey! =) thanks for commeting, where r u living? 🙂

    My blog is on swedish, on the left side i have a google translatior, så u can translate it to ur launguge =)

    greets from sweden =)

  5. Oh that’s cool =D how is the weather there? i really wanna go to canda.. but for now, my first trip is to china on monday…

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