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Today, my mother presented me with my mail, that still gets delivered to her house. junk, junk, old phone bill yet to be paid, my subscription to cosmo girl that my aunt has been renewing for me since i was..ooh.. 14? and then there it was, my OPENED acceptance letter from Redeemer University College aaaaand Seminary. And then the question follows ” your going, right?” no mama, no im not. you see, i withdrew my acceptance, well put a hold on it. till next september. following up to my next chapter of my book. cute boy. cute boy goes there! or will be. gosh darn! but now we talk. things will i get better, im sure of it. ahaha

anyway. happy easter! whichever meaning your family celebrates, whether it be a reason to give out chocolate bunnies ( or a chocolate fail whale in my case! got it a Zehrs for 3 bucks!) or if Easter holds a special spot in your heart, the way it does in mine, i hope you all have a great weekend and spend it with close family and friends.

Speaking of friends! My roomate and best friend Tiegaan is celebrating her 19th birthday in 17 minutes! Happy Birthday Biegs! love you to the moon and back!

One last thing.. slightly but not so close to my own home is the sudden dissapearance of an 8 year old girl. I have zero information about it but i did find a video giving anyone the facts they need if they were to see this girl. it doesnt matter where you are, please keep an eye out for this little girl and keep her and her family in your prayers and pray that she will be soon returned to those who love her.


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