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I have always wanted to blog about Guatemala. I went there when I was 16. At the time i had a xanga blog ( which now that I look back onto now – is just hillarious). my last xanga entry said “well, last night here in Guatemala.

I dont think im ready to come home, its almost like i havnt done enough to serve God. Like theres more that needs to be done.. i miss everyone, but i dont think my works done…”
I wonder what 20 year old ( thats currently) Sarah could do. When I was in Guatemala, i was new to my faith, shy, and served on a youth team. My mind itches to know what I could do now, and my heart aches to return there.


Completely not relevant but if you scroll all the way to the bottom theres a list of my friends who blog,(im working on putting it to the links at the side again) and if you click on them it takes you too their blog. i just added my good friend daniel and his blog there. check him out 🙂 he really is one of the nicest and funniest people i know.


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