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I know i know, its may second. i promise on monday my blogs will be all normal and i will be posting on the appropriate day. promise! and monday i think will be a vlog day. i already have half of it filmed : )

so you know what im reaaallly peeved by?
the swine flu hype.

59% of women in africa have aids
there are 11.6 million cases of aids in infants
36.1 million people suffer from aids in north america
in suffering and third world countries, 9.7 million people are in need of immediate attention and medication for aids, yet only 3 million people are receiving it.

the swine flu is just as fatal as aids, people are saying. but like sars, bird flu, anthrax and every other pandemic our world has suffered, its blown over, and aids has been in the full eye of the media since 1981. so if your afraid of just one little curable flu, are you that terrified of aids aswell? aids reaches to more countries than the swine flu.

call me a hypocrite, say im being stupid, whatever. i think this is just silly. take off your blue germ mask, your fine. we live in the land of free health care.

this is thee most serious post has ever seen.
we will return to normal broadcasting starting monday. au revoir!


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