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good choice, or bad choice?

This is a tough one for me. This time last year i had the perfect life planned out. I was going to go to Georgian College, become a child and youth worker, i was in a fantastic relationship, i thought i was in love, i was going to live at my grandparents house, continue to work at the resort part time and still be close to all my friends.

And all of that crashed in a two week time frame.

The problem i ran away from was a boy. The boy that i was in such a fantastic loving relationship with. All of the sudden, we weren’t nice to eachother, and if we still did love eachother we had a sure lame way of showing it. ( I’m in no way shape or form blaming this on him.. i was a pretty nasty jerk ) but anyway, that ended and all of the sudden i was left with a college i didnt want to go to, a profession i didnt know much about, and a part time job i hated. In 3 months i shaped this perfect life for myself, and in 2 weeks it fell apart.

So i ran

I spent my whole summer taking transfer courses, saving money, and fighting with ontario colleges every day to let me switch. I made the switch and i ran 3 hours away from home, to peterborough. Where every night for the first few weeks of september i held photos of him and sobbed and cried, i ate cereal and only cereal ( those who know me, know i hate cereal with a violent passion) I spent 200 dollars a week in phone calls home and i figured out that this run wasn’t right.

but what was i going to do? My family couldnt possibly want to hear me say yet again that i wanted to change. i stuck it out, and now im the happiest girl ever, taking social work, still 3 hours from home, still talking to my friends, including the friend that made me run in the first place. its been an entire year, and i couldnt possibly think of what i wouldve been doing if i had stayed at home. I’ve started this crazy life here, and i kinda like it.


so, for this time i say, running from a problem. good choice.


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  1. i like this post.
    its brutally honest and very sare like.

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