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my sponsor child can write full sentences in english. im completely in awe.
when my mom and i started sponsoring Salamah, from Uganda she was 6. her teacher used to write us a letter saying she was in school, attending every day, and doing ok. Now she is almost 10!, and I got a letter from her, using basic english sentences.
This is what it said

Dear Jacqui and Sarah

I love you much and am happy to write to you. am in school now and am so happy I have teachers. my family has sends thank you and their so happy for your wonderful love. my holiday was good i help my mother in a lot of work at home. thank you so much for paying for school. so much love ( weird uganda word) salamah

The one thing in this world i would love so much would to be to meet her. she is such a sweetie. she drew me a picture of her wearing new shoes and cooking on a big purple stove. I just want to go and hug her. arg.


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